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  1. 平遙縣政府官網文化平遙頻道



    Handmade moon cake

    The handmade moon cake is a specialty of North China's Pingyao county.


    Pingyao holds talks about its polished lacquerware

    A meeting about Pingyao polished lacquerware products was held in Pingyao county in North China on Sept 1.

    Pingyao ranks among top 100 tourism counties

    Pingyao county was recently listed as being among the country's top 100 counties in terms of the strength of its tourism sector in 2020.

    Pingyao hires experts, professionals to boost development

    Pingyao county held conference on Aug 24, to promote innovation-driven development and to recruit more professionals to the region.



    Chinese cloth tigers

    Consolidation and integration should be the distribution sector.

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