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  1. Shanxi, Fujian sign 13 joint ventures in Xiamen


    Updated: 2020-09-09

    North China's Shanxi province signed off on a slew of joint ventures on Sept 8 with East China's Fujian province -- at an industry cooperation and project matchmaking conference in Xiamen city in the eastern province.

    The 13 projects involve a total investment of 19.49 billion yuan ($2.85 billion).

    They cover the new materials, new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, cultural tourism, healthcare and modern service industries. 

    The conference was the highest-level and largest-scale event in industry exchanges and project cooperation between Shanxi and Xiamen in recent years. 

    Shanxi officials from provincial government departments related to investment promotions and business, as well as representatives from the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, attended the conference. 

    State-owned enterprises based in Xiamen -- including Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co and Xiamen Xiangyu Group -- held dialogues with Shanxi on industry upgrades, developing key industrial clusters and projects, as well as exploring opportunities for cooperation.

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