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  1. Self-driving travel routes recommended in rural Shanxi


    The Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Shanxi Recreational Vehicle Association recently put together 11 self-driving travel routes – designed to boost rural tourism and promote the development of the self-driving tour market in North China's Shanxi province.

    Here are self-driving travel routes recommended in 11 cities across Shanxi province: 

    Taiyuan city

    Route: Xihuaiyuan village in Xugou town, Qingxu county -- Yangfang village in Mengfeng town, Qingxu County -- Wangwu village in Liujiabu town, Xiaodian district -- Hebei village in Tianchidian town, Loufan county -- Xiashi village in Miyuzhen town, Loufan county -- Fenglingdi village in Jingyou town, Loufan county -- Longquan village in Nitun town, Yangqu county -- Shang'an village in Huangzhai town, Yangqu county -- Matuo village in Donghuangshui town, Yangqu county

    There are a variety of agricultural products available for purchase in villages on the route, along by scenic spots such as Yunding Mountain and Fenhe Reservoir.

    Datong city

    Route: Deshengbu village in Buziwan town, Xinrong district -- Gaoshan village in Gaoshan town, Yungang district -- Yangjiayao village in Kouquan town, Yungang district -- Beizifeng village in Nanyulin town, Hunyuan county -- Jianxi village in Huquan town, Guangling county -- Shenxi village in Yongan town, Hunyuan county -- Xiachehe village in Hongshileng town, Lingqiu county -- Shangbeiquan village in Hongshileng town, Lingqiu county -- Huata village in Duyu town, Lingqiu county. 

    This route is mainly concentrated in Datong city in northwest of Shanxi. Many villages have been built along the Great Wall, forming a unique landscape. There are also historical sites from the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) and groups of volcanoes along the route.

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